5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Invisible Decorators


Painting and decorating a home is a demanding job. It is much more than having a layer paint of your choice on your walls. Under normal circumstances, residential homes are rarely painted, both exterior and interior. The fact is that it can be inconveniencing; you have to move furniture from the room and temporarily have to vacate it. Some walls haven’t felt a paint brush for ages, not because painting is costly, but due to the fact that some homeowners don’t see the need (they are used to the color schemes, even though might be worn out and dull) or are not just ready for the hassle.

If you are the type who only paints your homes on special occasions, you definitely should consider contracting Invisible Decorators. In as much as you can try to do it yourself, chances are slim that the quality of the paintwork will even come close to what our professional painters can deliver. You shouldn’t take chances; trust our competent painters and decorators to grant your home a fresh lease of life. Here, our commitment to quality work is unquestionable. Our customers are the reason we are in business. We have set the industry standards so high because we are defined by the quality of the output.

1. Experts on All Surfaces

Painting a home’s exterior is very much different from working on the interior. It is more than applying a layer of paint of any color of your choice because of the adverse weather and environmental conditions they are exposed to. It is very likely that the external surfaces are weathered, uneven or damaged. This means that arming yourself with a brush and a gallon of paint is not going to do much good because such surfaces need specialized treatment before a level finish is restored. All this calls for utmost accuracy especially when working on heights. Our expert painters and decorators will make certain that paint splashes and drips don’t fall on other parts of the home such as windows, which wastes the paint and takes time (and more paint) to clear.
There are some activities that have to be undertaken before we eventually apply the first coat of paint such as plastering, tiling and sanding of the floor (in some cases). It is pointless to paint a wall whose tiles are not fitted correctly or it is riddled with holes. We don’t rush for quick fixes such as placing wallpapers over holes and cracks or even attempt emulsion. Painting is supposed to enhance a home’s appearance and therefore, must be all-inclusive. Our crew will advise on the necessary repairs needed, prepare the surface for the actual job and get it done professionally.

2. Insured and Licensed

Contracting Invisible Decorators is risk-free. When we send our professional decorators and painters to your site, you don’t have to worry about any risks related to the job being done. We are fully licensed and all our staffs are insured against work-related accidents. Our insurance policy covers the personal and your property against any damages. This means that you will not be held liable for any losses or accidents. This is especially important when working on heights due to the high incidence rates recorded. Don’t take the risk by working with companies whose history is murky or questionable. The safety our crew is paramount and we ensure that their welfare is well catered for at work.

3. We Have the Right Tools & Equipments

Invisible Decorators has invested in state of the art tools and equipments to enable us accomplish various projects. Other than paint and brushes, we have proper gear and tools such as ladders that are especially very important when painting difficult-to-reach places such as flats. As a matter of policy, all our painters and decorators have undergone and completed first-aid training and are capable of responding to emergencies. We also ensure that our personnel undertake rigorous in-house training to prepare them for the very important job ahead.

4. Expert Color Schemes and Décor Consultancy

Your home’s décor says a lot about yourself; your likes, beliefs, moods and even character. Our painters and decorators offer much more than the paint because they can advise on the color schemes for different rooms, overall theme to go for, and other specialized information. Not all colors are ideal for the bedroom, neither are they perfect for the sitting room nor the bathroom; every shade has its rightful place and our experts will advise accordingly. You should feel free to ask for recommendations on various color schemes and how they should harmoniously blend in your home for a perfect décor. Some people get excited with paint only to mess up their walls for lack of knowledge; we don’t take the slightest risk. While some decorators may charge for décor consultancy, our package is in most cases all-inclusive because want to save you money.

5. Qualified Personnel

Contracting Invisible Decorators will definitely save you money and time. First, we have a team of competent personnel capable of getting the job done within the shortest time possible. This is especially important if you racing against. We have customized processes that will ensure that our crew completes the project within the stipulated time, free from any delays. We have the skills and the energy to work flexible hours to deliver the best within the shortest timeframe without compromising on the quality. Our charges are flexible depending on the scope of work.

Our Promise

Owning a home is not easy. You might be struggling to clear a mortgage and therefore have to ensure that it is taken good care of; it is your castle. Remember that this is where you entertain your friends and business associates, but most importantly, where you live. It is where you will raise your family and possibly retire with your spouse. It is therefore only natural that you feel warm and relaxed at all times. Let expert painters and decorators from Invisible Decorators bring the all-important warmth and comfort.
Don’t entertain a poor decorating job because rectifying such can be time-consuming and pretty expensive. Avoid the risk by contracting a company that will guarantee you peace of mind during and after the work is done. We might be invisible, but our work shines for the whole world to see!

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I love the way Invisible decorators have transformed our home :) The bedrooms looks bright and fresh, the kitchen and living room have never looked so good. Thank you for the extra time you spent wall papering our living room, it gives a lovely feel to the room.
Sandra CoalCardiff
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