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Transform Your Home and Increase it’s Value

Before you eventually decide to sell or rent your property, you must ensure that it is in perfect condition to fetch maximum value. Property renovation doesn’t have to be costly and intricate because all you might really need to do is paint and decorate the property then sit back and wait to strike an impressive deal…. Read More

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Our 5 Point Process to Exterior Painting

The easiest way to give your home a fresh and an updated look is through painting. A fresh coat of paint not only makes your house more appealing but also stretches its lifespan. The best thing about painting is that, it is a relatively inexpensive. Paint protects your home’s exteriors surfaces by shielding them from direct… Read More

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Invisible Decorators

Painting and decorating a home is a demanding job. It is much more than having a layer paint of your choice on your walls. Under normal circumstances, residential homes are rarely painted, both exterior and interior. The fact is that it can be inconveniencing; you have to move furniture from the room and temporarily have to… Read More

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I love the way Invisible decorators have transformed our home :) The bedrooms looks bright and fresh, the kitchen and living room have never looked so good. Thank you for the extra time you spent wall papering our living room, it gives a lovely feel to the room.
Sandra CoalCardiff
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