Our 5 Point Process to Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

The easiest way to give your home a fresh and an updated look is through painting. A fresh coat of paint not only makes your house more appealing but also stretches its lifespan. The best thing about painting is that, it is a relatively inexpensive. Paint protects your home’s exteriors surfaces by shielding them from direct sunlight, rain, and other destructive elements. When applied accurately by a professional painter, it can last up to 15 years. At Invisible Decorators, we endeavor to guarantee the highest possible quality paintwork at a fraction of the cost.

We understand painting your home’s exterior is demanding, that is why we have a specialized team of painters and decorators who adhere to tailor-made procedures for a lustrous and welcoming appeal. For guaranteed quality work, our experts follow the following process:

1. Pressure-Washing the Walls

To ensure that the paint applied sticks, we first have to pressure-wash your home’s walls. This helps in removing the dust buildup and dirt that might have accumulated over the years. Our painters may also have to scrub the walls in case they have oily patches. Our processes are systematic, stating from the top downward. Furthermore, we try to overlap each washing stroke by about 8 inches to ensure that all dirt or foreign objects are washed out completely.

2. Damaged Surfaces Repairs

When on site, we carefully take note of the damaged surfaces on your home’s exteriors. These damages could be sidings, masonry, wood or metal damages and have to be repaired before paint is applied. In as much as you can undertake some of these repairs on your own, we recommend that you let our painters and decorators handle it. We have the experts capable of managing all sorts of repairs and fixes needed. We will fill all holes and cracks on the surfaces of your home’s exteriors because they negatively affect the quality of the paintwork. For wood surfaces, we may have to apply fillers on cracks using a spackle knife and use a grit sanding block to smoothen it once it dries.

Surface preparation can be tedious, but we have the right tools and personnel to get it done right. We cannot let any foreign object/material on these surfaces affect our work. Our crew will examine all surfaces for prime stains and visible wood knots before applying a light stain-blocking primer coat on the stained patches using a paintbrush to conceal the stains. If they are washable, we can simply wash them out using plenty of water and a world-leading cleaning agents instead of concealing them.

3. Surface Protection

Doors, windows, lighting fixtures and other surfaces on the home’s exteriors have to be protected from drops of paint. To do this, we use plastic sheeting reinforced with a painter’s tape. In instances where we have to paint the door and window frames alongside the rest of the home’s exteriors, we simply reinforce the sheeting to ensure that it completely covers the areas not being painted. Any paint spillages on such areas can be quite expensive to remove as they may require repainting of the whole door or window.

4. Painting Preparation

At this stage, your home’s exterior is ready for painting. We are always armed with the right tools for the job such as brushes, enough paint, ladder (to reach top sections) among others. Our painters are trained to sufficiently prepare for any job, large or small. Depending on the nature of the work, we may use paint sprayer or a brush. In most cases, our painters are advised to use a paint sprayer as opposed to a brush for easy and perfect application of even paint coats that overlap each other perfectly, but they are experts anyway, they know exactly what to do and how to do it right.

With all the tools prepared, we are ready to get started. We will make a choice between two types of paints: oil and water-based paints. Irrespective of the paint type used, we will add the right proportions (as recommended) of either water or thinner, depending on the type of paint. Our painters, with their years of experience get the proportions just right for the job to be done.
Our hands are so used to painting and decorating that we accomplish our objectives with a smile on our face. We are experts, and therefore we overlap each paint stroke by roughly 8 inches for overall paint uniformity. Whenever we apply more than one paint colors on the same surface, we ensure that the individual colors can distinctively be separated from each other. You will never find cases where different paint colors overlap or mix. Our results and rich portfolio speak for themselves our customers’ satisfaction comes first.

5. Paint Trim Windows and Doors

Initially, our painters will primarily focus on the walls. Once they are satisfied, they move to other parts of the home, mainly the doors and windows. First, they remove the plastic sheeting protection from the doors, windows, lighting fixtures and any other surfaces. Using brush, we then trim the paint around the surfaces that had been protected with the sheeting. By the time we are done, your home’s exterior will be sparkling.

One of the most important considerations we bear in mind when painting homes’ exteriors is the weather patterns. Naturally, we may not accept a job if it requires painting on a rainy day since we risk compromising on the quality of paintwork. Our job is to ensure that your home’s outdoors doesn’t succumb to harsh weather conditions. We work tirelessly to give your home an extra lease of life and we never disappoint. The size of the property is never an issue because we have the right personnel, the tools and resources to get the job done right, on time and budget. At Invisible Decorators, we are thorough. Our processes are customized to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our painters will discuss the job with you in detail to ensure that your requirements are met. Contact us today for quality outdoor painting you can trust.

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I love the way Invisible decorators have transformed our home :) The bedrooms looks bright and fresh, the kitchen and living room have never looked so good. Thank you for the extra time you spent wall papering our living room, it gives a lovely feel to the room.
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