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Before you eventually decide to sell or rent your property, you must ensure that it is in perfect condition to fetch maximum value. Property renovation doesn’t have to be costly and intricate because all you might really need to do is paint and decorate the property then sit back and wait to strike an impressive deal. Actually, what you should do is contract Invisible Decorators, a professional painting and decorating company that delivers much more than a coat of paint to your home.

Major and Minor Repairs

We always endeavour to treat every project uniquely to meet our customers’ need. If you would like to paint and decorate your home in preparation for a sale, we can deliver excellent paintwork on budget and time. We understand that the level of home dilapidation differs depending on the condition that the home is in as well as on how well it has been maintained. Poorly maintained homes may require lot of work. We advise our clients to identify major repairs on their homes and work on them before we come in. Our team of expert painters and decorators will offer time-tested recommendations on what repairs need to be done and ensure that they are realised.

Home buyers want value for their money. First, we recommend that you value your home before renovation so that you don’t end up undertaking money-intensive repairs and renovations that have very little impacts on the overall value of the home. We have been in this industry for years and we always ask our customers to ensure they are cautious when selling homes. Take your time and get the house in order first before placing it on sale. From experience, some customers have seen the values of their property jump in folds by contracting us to repaint it. We never leave anything to chance; a coat of paint from Invisible Decorators is powerful and we are always delighted to take on new projects.

Invisible Decorators Style

There’s a lot of work and planning that goes into renovating homes through painting and decoration. Other than just contracting, you will also need to identify the best colour pattern and theme to use in your home, and the decorations to use. You don’t have to worry a lot about that because our experts are well versed with the industry standards and trends and will definitely guide you accordingly. We offer various recommendations such as mixing different colour patterns on the walls for a more attractive and well decorated look.

Painting is arguably the most cost-effective ways of improving your home, especially if left to the Invisible Decorators experts. By the time we are done, your freshly painted walls and rooms will be impressively clean, updated, and attractive. A lustrous appearance spells great value of the home. The choice of the colour can be made by the customer because our work is to transform their imaginations into reality with paint. Ideally, most people prefer colours with neutral appeals such as white, cream, and light shaded colours like blue since they are well known to make your home desirable and marketable to most people. As earlier stated, we are comfortable with any colour or shades of colours because we know how to bring out the best from any colour. From research, quite a number of people don’t find colours such as pink, violet, and purple appealing. Our painters and decorators on the other hand don’t think so; any colour can be as amazing as the painter, and we have the best. If you like it, we sure will crown it with the best paint.

Cost Effectiveness

Our painting is cost effective. We understand that the reason you want to lease out or sell your home is to inject extra cash into your accounts or embark on a larger project. Value addition doesn’t have to be costly. Our rates are tailored to meet your budget, large or small. Our flexibility has endeared us to thousands of our customers, where we enjoy a higher retention rate of up to 99%. Our focus when we accept a job is to leave the structure better than we found it, exceeding our customers’ expectations because they come first. Our priority is to help you save money.

Landscaping For Extra Appeal

Did you know that you can improve the value of your home with just low-maintenance landscaping? It doesn’t have to be expensive because we understand that that budget is limited and you might really not have the time to maintain the same as expected. Most homebuyers prefer homes with an easy-to-maintain landscape. It can only take drought-resistant plants, grass, and flowers that can go for days without being watered. Ideally, let landscaping harmoniously blend with the overall home’s colour schemes and décor for that extra uniform appeal. We are always ready to offer professional advice to our customers, but the final decision eventually rests with them.

Colour and Décor

Most buyers prefer buying ready houses. Painting can sometimes be tiresome, especially once the house has been occupied. We will advise you on the best colours for your rooms so that the new occupant doesn’t have to repaint. If they would like to have the colours changed, then we are only a call away; changing the colour schemes in homes is one of our key areas of specialisation; if you don’t like the colours of your new home, we sure will come and repaint it, carefully customised to meet your preferences. We have and can recommend an assortment of home décor accessories that will unquestionably enhance the value of your home such as wall hangings, artefacts, furniture sets, lamps, flooring materials like tiles, and high-end landscaping in and around the home.
Invisible Decorators has for so many years painted and repainted commercial and residential property across the country. To meet the ever changing industry needs, we have invested in latest equipment and technology because we believe we are the best. They say looks can be deceiving, but we believe that with our paintwork done, what you see is what you get. Planning of selling your home? Contact us today and we sure will help improve its value with our professionally done paintwork.

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I love the way Invisible decorators have transformed our home :) The bedrooms looks bright and fresh, the kitchen and living room have never looked so good. Thank you for the extra time you spent wall papering our living room, it gives a lovely feel to the room.
Sandra CoalCardiff
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