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Do you sometimes look at the walls inside your home and think, ‘that could do with something…more’? There’s no more convenient and easy way to spice up a room, create a feature wall or brighten up a hallway than by adding some fantastic new wallpaper. At Invisible Decorators we will professionally hang or remove wallpaper from any room in your home. With our team, you are guaranteed superior quality work for at wallet-pleasing prices and fantastic value for money. Our wallpaper hanging guarantees a consistent, seamless and attractive wall that will be the envy of friends and family alike. We have the skill, expertise and high professional standards to install or remove wallpapers fast and efficiently in Cardiff, South Wales and surroundings areas. It doesn’t matter where you are or when you want it done, we’ll come to you and work within timeframes and budgets that suit you.

Wallpaper originally gained popularity in Renaissance Europe and the emerging gentry. It has continued to be favoured in the home ever since and even in 1712, during the reign of Queen Anne a wallpaper tax was introduced! Now thanks to modern digital design and printing techniques wallpaper has become a blend of art and home decorating.

We offer an assortment of tailored styles, colours, textures and patterns that will give your wall a unique and distinctive appeal. We pay close attention to our customers’ expectations and deliver a final result tailored to your specifications. Contracting Invisible Decorators to hang your wallpaper is a fantastic opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of your home and put your style, taste and flair on display.

With us, your walls will appeal to the eye and enhance your home’s beauty, comfort and importantly will also keep your home in top condition giving your walls greeter longevity than if they were simply painted. The choice of the wallpaper design up to you; we are happy to meet your requests whether it be something simple and basic or if it’s a more complicated and sophisticated design.

We are highly skilled and can install wallpaper on any kind of wall surface you have. Likewise we are able to remove any existing wallpaper you might want to get rid of. An expert painter or decorator from Invisible Decorators of Cardiff is all you need to magically transform your walls with expertly hung wallpaper.

Why Us?

  • A competent team of experts
  • Assortment of wallpaper designs to choose from
  • We can install on any type of wall
  • Tailored to meet your requirements
  • Unbeatable prices

At Invisible Decorators, our customers come first. Contact us today for a commitment-free wallpapering service from the industry’s best!

I love the way Invisible decorators have transformed our home :) The bedrooms looks bright and fresh, the kitchen and living room have never looked so good. Thank you for the extra time you spent wall papering our living room, it gives a lovely feel to the room.
Sandra CoalCardiff
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